LeaseBusters is still open and conducting business with some minor temporary changes.

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has temporarily altered the way we live our lives including but not limited to the closure of schools, businesses, community centres and religious gatherings.  LeaseBusters cares about and promotes the safety of all Canadians, especially during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

For the sake of our employees and customers; the LeaseBusters national and regional offices have been closed with the exception of volunteer personnel to address the vital in-office day to day activities.  But, all our expert Leasing and Loan Specialists and our support team are safe at home and online conducting business; helping our customers get into and out of leases.

Every member of our team can be contacted by telephone, email and live chat; our team remains in contact with each other with our primary goal of assisting our customers.

If you need or want to get out of your lease; this is a really favourable time to start the process since many buyers and sellers have a little more time on their hand to do shopping and communicating from the comfort of their own home.

Feel free to reach out to any of our Leasing and Loan Specialists if you have any questions regarding our services; our staff will be glad to help.

Stay safe, healthy and confident during these very unfamiliar times.

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