COVID-19 LeaseBusters is still open and conducting business with some minor temporary changes. The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has temporarily altered the way we live our lives including but not limited to the closure of schools, businesses, community centres and religious gatherings.  LeaseBusters cares about and promotes the safety of all Canadians, especially during these uncertainContinue reading “LEASEBUSTERS BUSINESS UPDATE”

Do The Math & Don’t Be Fooled By Biweekly Payments

Today, most new car dealerships and manufacturers offer payment solutions for every buyer.  I get paid once per month and therefore Monthly Payments work best for me. Many buyers get paid twice per month, on the 15th and 30th, so Semi-Monthly Payments make more sense. The majority of people however, get paid every second Friday,Continue reading “Do The Math & Don’t Be Fooled By Biweekly Payments”

Car Leasing & Winter Tires

It is both interesting and perplexing why the new car automakers have not become heavily involved in a new car winter tire package on the vehicles designated for sale in Canada.  The leasing community which represents the majority of premium and sporty brands of the new vehicles sold in Canada are in need of someContinue reading “Car Leasing & Winter Tires”

Car Leasing for Seniors

Although the Canadian population may be aging, Canadian senior seniors are aging vibrantly, gracefully and independently.  As an example, Jim Matthews cites, “Recently, my 86-year-old mother had to give up her driver’s license due to some minor medical issues.” Matthews, the President of LeaseBusters, notes, “She decided not to try to write the test toContinue reading “Car Leasing for Seniors”